8 top pieces to upgrade your home office in the Netherlands

Glam-up your at-home setup ✨

The majority of us in the Netherlands have seen our workweek change significantly over the past few years. How? We now spend a large amount of our time working from the good ol’ home office.  

Is it actually good? Meh, it’s mostly improvised. Is it old? Yeah, it’s starting to feel it. The creation of many a home office in this country was spontaneous, thrown together, and largely seen as something temporary. 

However, the working world has changed. You’ll likely find yourself working from home for many years to come, but there’s good news — you can finally justify sprucing it up a bit! 

Here are some of our favourite pieces that we recommend for your home office.

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1. A standing desk that makes your back pain say “Doei!” 

Sit, stand, do whatever makes you most comfortable when trying to get your work done! Image: Flexispot

If you’re still using your dining table, kick it to the curb! 

This standing desk moves seamlessly from sitting to upright, can remember four preset heights, offers wireless charging of your devices (smart!), and even has a drawer and cable management for you to keep things ultra-tidy. 

Better yet? If you don’t love it, you have 60 days to change your mind!

2. A fancy keyboard to brighten up your workspace

Who says your office can’t be colourful? Image: Amazon

Now you have the snazzy desk, it’s time to style it with a funky keyboard to match.

Forget office grey; this eye-grabbing lavender keyboard is available in a variety of colours, is completely wireless, and can seamlessly connect to up to three different devices (be they Mac, Windows or Android). 

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To top it all off, it is also super lightweight, making it easy for busy bees on the go. 🐝

3. The chair you and your back deserve

Most importantly? We’re absolutely in love with the colours! Image: Flexispot

Chances are that you’re reading this at home in an office chair that really isn’t an office chair. 😉 Well, newsflash: you’re not seventeen anymore, and you deserve a workstation that won’t give you crippling back pain.

With its ergonomic backrest designed for ultimate comfort and light, breathable upholstery to battle those annoying sweat stains from a long day on the job, this sturdy office chair might be just what the doctor ordered!

4. An orthopaedic mouse to match (and prevent strain)

Is your mouse actually good for your hand? Image: Amazon

While it’s easy to match a funky keyboard to your aesthetic, it can be harder to find a mouse that can add a pop of colour — and provide good ergonomic function. Well, we found a mouse that offers both.

Super lightweight, wireless, silent, and compatible with basically every operating system, this mouse is not just a pretty place to rest your hand. In fact, it has actually been designed and developed by certified ergonomists. 💪

5. Some extra daylight for your desk

Feeling the winter blues? Add this product to your desk. Image: Amazon

The one downside of having a beautiful home office is that, well, you’re at home — meaning you’re indoors. 

With its compact size, this medically-certified daylight lamp is designed to be added to your desk setup. The design of this product is made for ease, comfort, and well-being. 

By pressing just one button, you can simulate beautiful daylight (without the danger of UV rays). This not only adds some wonderful mood lighting to your office, but it is proven to help beat those winter blues. 

6. Plants to add to the outdoor feel

Feel like your office is missing something? It’s probably plants! Image: Plantje.nl

You’ve got the desk, the colour, the light, and now it’s time to get some leafy friends. 

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However, sometimes you don’t have the time (or patience) to slowly accumulate a variety of plants over time. You want an office jungle, and you want it now. 🍃

Well, here you go! For just €25, you can receive a box of 10-12 plants direct to your door that have been set aside due to (very) slight flaws. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also super effective in adding green to your office in a quick and easy way. 

7. Shelves for even the tiniest of office spaces

If your office is stuck for space, floating corner shelves may be the answer! Image: Amazon

Does your home office put Harry Potter’s bedroom to shame? Fair, you probably never planned on having one — but who says you still can’t enjoy some pretty shelving? 

Perfect for offices that want to make use of every corner, these beautiful floating corner shelves are a great way to maximise your space. 

No sweat is needed; these lightweight shelves come in sets of four and include everything you need for installation. 🔨

8. A pen to out-perform all pens

Now, does this look fancy or what?? Image: Amazon

Every office needs that one good pen — and a proper space to keep it. How about investing in a levitating pen? The futuristic Hoverpen is the first levitating pen that has been designed to float at an angle — and it requires zero power. 

If you’re looking to give your office a bit of a sci-fi, high-tech edge that makes you feel like a better version of Elon Musk, look no further than this unique office piece. 

Ready to make your home office really yours? Yes? Go you! We’re just glad you’re taking a moment to make your workspace that little bit nicer for yourself. 

Which office must-have will you be getting next? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

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Sarah O'Leary 🇮🇪
Sarah O'Leary 🇮🇪
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